Radioactive Sealed Sources

Radioactive Sealed Sources

NTP Europe has specialised in the fabrication of radioactive sealed sources for more than 30 years and offers loading and unloading of a large variety of devices and services allowing customers to have a full suite of support.

All sources are tested for leakage and contamination using our activity measurement chambers that have been calibrated by an official and independent body. They are regularly controlled by means of calibrated sources.

All NTP Europe sealed sources conform to the International Standard Organisation recommendations ISO 2919:1999 (test performed by the Laboratoire National d’Essais – Trappes – France) and the French NFM 61-002:1984 (AFNOR) standards.

Sources are delivered with a certificate stating the main specifications, including source activity, production and calibration dates, decay tables, results of the leakage and non-contamination checks.

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